BTV Solo Free Download?

the-truth-shall-make-you-free-1437041-mA lot of people have been searching for “BTV Solo Free Download“. Or for BTV Solo cracks and BTV torrents the past little while. BTV Solo, of course, is the groundbreaking new soft drum machine that lets you create beats using any old computer keyboard. There’s no need for any hardware other than what you already own and you aren’t stuck clickety clacking on the mouse to write each beat.

Because of the amazing versatility of this software and because it’s one of the best starting points for budding beat producers like yourself, there is no BTV Solo free download available anywhere on the web. Trust me I’ve searched lol.

If you do find a link claiming that you can download BTV solo for free, don’t trust it. I’ve found at least one site claiming it had a free download of the software that ended up infecting my computer with some of the nastiest viruses I’ve ever had. It took me weeks and  some of my nerdiest buddies to finally get my computer clean again.

So rather than wasting your time scouring the web for something that doesn’t exist. Rather than infecting your computer and spending hours trying to cleanse it. My suggestion is to just bite the bullet and pay the measly $27 so you can start writing beats today.

Trust me you will love to use this software. Start getting productive right now, it only takes minutes to install and start slammin out your first beat.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start producing beats, download BTV solo from the official BTV site today!

Download BTV Solo Here.

How to Sell Beats Online

Once you’ve put together a collection of dope beats you may as well make a few bucks off of them rather than have them sit around collecting dust. I even know a few producers who make their living off of nothing but producing and selling their beats online.

Step 1: You Cut a Hole in the Box

OK, so there’s no box involved, but the first step is to compile a library of original beats. Simple right? This is the reason that you’re doing this in the first place, you love making beats so this part should be easy.

You don’t need to have an expensive studio setup to do this either. You produce professional quality beats using cheap or even free software on the same computer you already own. If you’re unsure, I recommend BTV Solo production software as a starting point. It’s one of the easiest ways to get into the beat production game.

Step 2: Package Your Beats

Now that you have a selection of finished beats produced you need to put those beats in a sexy package. You might consider selling your beats individually or as part of a collection, but either way you need to give them some sex appeal.

Name your Beats – Give each beat and collection a descriptive name that gives the reader an idea of things like:

  • the style of beat
  • the tempo
  • the mood it creates
  • the type of person that would like to use these beats (your audience).

Price Your Beats – Pricing is a fine balance between looking like a cheap ass and coming off as a gouger. Check out some beat sites online and price within that range. If you’re selling your beats individually as well as in a collection, make sure that you give a price break on the beat collection. This gives the customer incentive to spend more and get more beats for their buck.

Bling for your Beats – You need to dress those beats up. A little graphic design can go a long way here. Imagine your beats listed next to a large number of other beats all fighting for attention to even be looked at. 99% of the time the customer is going to click on the beat set with slick graphics and a cool name rather than one with no graphics at all.

Step 3: Promote Your Beats

To promote your beats you need to first get them a home on the web. You can set up your own website and payment accounts so that customers can download beats directly from you, but you’ll need a following and have to do a lot of online promotions to make this work for you.

The best way to start welling your beats is to sign up as a producer for a couple of the beat selling sites on the web. These sites already promote their catalogues and can have potential customers viewing your beats in no time. Once you build a name for yourself as having the block rockingest beats on the web, you can start branching out and building your own promotions.

Step 4: Repeat

The first time through this process is going to take some careful attention, but once you have your method down, repeating will be as easy as writing some new beats and repeating the process.

This is a pretty general guide to help get you thinking about making a career in writing and selling beats online. If you’d like to save some time and headaches with a step by step guide that will literally walk you through the entire process of successfully selling your beats on line, download the guide here.

BTV Solo Newbie Tutorial

Just found this great beginner tutorial on the BTV solo. Just noticing the beauty of this software is that you don’t have to use any outboard gear  to control it, but you’re also not clicking away on your mouse. See how you can make beats, just using your computer keyboard. It actually works just like my hardware Roland MC-303 Groovebox or my Korg Electribe ESX drum machines… just a little easier.

If you’re interested you can download the BTV Solo drum machine here: BTV Solo Download.

Free Da Beat Welcomes You

I started this site as a resource on beat production for up and coming producer’s, hobbyists and new-comers. We’ll cover all aspects of new music and beat production. Things like:

  • How to write your first beat.
  • Tutorials on writing beats for different styles of music.
  • Software you can use to write beats.
  • Hardware drum machines and synths.

Hopefully this becomes a helpful resource for beat producers all over the world. If there is anything you’d like me to do an article on (beat/music related) leave a question in the comments below.